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Tea Roasters of Wuyishan

In our latest blog article, explore some of the teas that forever changed our minds, hearts, and business.

The Third Place

An article written for the August issue of BeanScene magazine.

The Elephant in the Coffee House

An article written by us, published in the June 2019 issue of Bean Scene magazine.

The Living Teas of Guizhou, China

The serendipitous Instagram connection, or Yuanfen that led us to discover some of the most incredible teas we’ve ever experienced.  For two thousand years, the people of Guizhou have harvested the indigenous tea trees the same way - taking only what each season offers and preparing it in tune with nature.

Building the bridge

In this Blog we discuss Specialty Tea’s current standing in the 'specialty' F&B industry, and how by working together with coffee professionals, we can begin to create a road map to success for this undervalued product.

Specialty tea vs Commodity tea

The tea industry is changing rapidly and specialty tea is one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. So what exactly is specialty tea? In this blog, we try our best to define this concept and to explain why it is important that we have a clear and concise definition to differentiate between these two sectors of the market.

How to Cold Brew

Have you ever attempted to make ice tea, and ended up with a really bitter brew that could only be masked by copious amounts of sugar or honey? You’re not alone. What if we told you that to brew the perfect tea, you don't need a kettle or hot water?

The Portuguese Influence

Tea has a long and fascinating history. In this article, we discuss the beginnings of Cha and the vitally important role the Portuguese played in bringing tea to the western world.

What is tea?

In this article, we go back to basics and do our very best to explain what is tea, how is it produced, and the difference between a tea and a tisane (herbal tea)

Brewing the Perfect Cuppa Part 2: Gong Fu Cha

What the hell is Gong fu!?  In our latest blog post we attempt to convert you to true tea drinking and the gong fu method of brewing. If you're into food, flavours and aromas you absolutely must try gong fu! 

Chai, more than just tea?

In this post, we document our experiments using Chai as a cooking ingredient and cocktail mixer, revealing its incredible versatility in the kitchen.

Brewing the Perfect Cuppa Part 1: Western method

There is a bit of science to brewing a good quality tea. In this post, we talk about teaware, types of teas, the importance time plays while steeping, and the recommended water temperatures for each type.
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