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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your tea organic?

We do our very best to source organic teas whenever we can, however, some of the teas in our collections aren't certified organic. The reason for this is poorer and small producers, particularly in China, don't have the means to get all the different types of certification- which can be quite a lengthy and expensive process- just to make their tea more marketable. The truth is a lot of the small high-quality producers don't need the certification to sell their tea, because the majority of their buyers are connoisseurs who know and trust the farmers and their methods for growing and cultivating these teas, therefore paying for certification is just an extra unnecessary cost for them. All of our blends and our tisanes, however, are created using 100% organic certified or wild harvested ingredients. We do go organic when we can but when it comes to quality over certification, quality will always win.


How do you source your teas?

Most of our teas are sourced directly from small farms who practice sustainable and biodiverse growing methods. But, being a new player in the tea industry we have put our faith in a few incredible brokers, who we were fortunate enough to make a connection with at the beginning of this journey. We have complete faith in their knowledge and expertise in sourcing from farms which are biodiverse and against the use of pesticides or unsustainable practices. We have tried and tested each and every product before deciding whether or not to present it to you, our customers, we would never sell anything we wouldn't be proud to offer our own family and friends and have been over the moon with the quality of teas we have been able to get hold of even in these early stages. In the not too distant future, we will be making the journey to growing regions across the world, to source directly, and meet with the farmers and growers in person. Our goal is to make our own connections with as many suppliers as we can face to face and to constantly try to improve our range of teas so that you, our customers can become connoisseurs and share in our journey. We are very passionate about this side of the business and we hope to get on the road as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Why does the product I ordered look different to the pictures online?

 Tea, like any farmed product, will not taste or look the same each season that it is picked, changing weather patterns or changing suppliers being the main factors. Some of our teas are only picked on a handful of days once a year so the chance that they may change from year to year is pretty good. 95% of the time this won't be an issue but we can't guarantee that every batch will be the same every season. One thing we can guarantee is that we will only ever offer you, the highest quality product we are able to source. As we grow, we will constantly improve our range of teas and the ingredients we use in our blends. It's our aim to be number one, so we are determined to bring to you the best of the best available. 

Are your teas safe for a pregnant woman to consume, and people with allergies?

If you have an existing medical condition, allergies or are pregnant or breastfeeding; we suggest for you to seek advice from your G.P.  before making alterations to your diet, in any way. Please check our list of ingredients on each of our product pages, to confirm if they contain any products that may be harmful to you. If you have any further questions regarding our products and ingredients, please contact us at

Is there a chance of contamination by foreign items?

We take every precaution to ensure that food hygiene and safety standards are adhered to. In the extremely unlikely event that any of our products arrive to you contaminated, in any way, please contact us immediately.

Do you offer refunds if I change my mind about my purchase?

 Please choose your products carefully, we will not offer you a refund for a change of mind. Refunds will only be offered if you receive a faulty product.







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