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Take your tea service to the next level and make it your point of difference.


At Casa De Cha we have spent years developing our range, and source only the absolute best organic/wildcrafted teas available to us. All of our teas sourced in small batches, in order to maintain freshness and consistency. Our commitment is not only to create high quality products, but also to help create a more sustainable industry, and to educate our partners to help make specialty tea more accessible.


“We are not just tea wholesalers, we are passionate educators.”

High quality products are only the start, for any business who wishes to elevate, the overall experience; knowledge and good service are indeed paramount, after all, there’s no point in investing on great products, if you don’t know what to do with them.
Mafalda Moutinho, Certified Tea Master, Blender & Tea Sommelier and Co-founder of Casa De Cha, - has extensive experience, working with both the coffee & hospitality industries, to create and curate specialty tea menus- that fit each business to perfection. Mafalda collaborates with chefs and restaurateurs, to create a plethora of refined and thoughtful options for non-alcohol drinkers, including tea and food pairing.
As part of our 'holistic' wholesale package All new clients, are gifted with 1.5 hr “101 tea workshop”, to educate and train their staff (chefs and wine sommeliers, included). Not only can we show your team how to brew any tea correctly, we can also teach them how to present, promote and serve tea to your patron's and how to create sophisticated pairings with food, for those who don't drink alcohol. Our complimentary training, can be customised to suit your style of offering, your physical space, and your clientele. 

 If you would like to arrange a free tea tasting/consultation, or you would like to open up a wholesale account, please get in touch via the contact form below and tell us a little about your business, and your needs. 


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