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Corporate Workshops

"We believe that tea is a gesture of kindness, a medium for open conversation and closeness, and that it is a universal language."


 We work with businesses to realise their full potential by applying the gentle art of tea. We do this by organising and hosting guided tea ceremonies either at your offices or in a neutral space. While based on ancient Chinese ritual and tradition, these ceremonies remain highly relevant to the challenges of modern life - they enhance well-being, improve productivity, unleash creativity and bring people together. 



CEREMONY FOR PROBLEM SOLVING: Throughout the ancient Chinese history, tea has been used as a tool to gather great minds for conversation, solving problems facing humanity, economics, politics and even wars. We help facilitate strategy and development meeting through tea ceremony, creating harmony and space for exchanging ideas and discussion.


CEREMONY FOR WELLBEING AND PRODUCTIVITY: This workshop covers the health and wellbeing aspects of wild and ancient tea drinking. We'll explore how individuals can use tea to enhance their general health, mood and, of course, their productivity. We will match different styles of tea to life rhythms of each participant and demonstrate how the daily ritual of tea making can create calmer, more focused minds.

Please get in touch via the contact form below if you would like for us to share tea in your work place.


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