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Woojeon 'Before Rain' is one of the most famed teas of Korea. The leaves are cultivated on the island of Jeju where it is infused with the salty sea breezes and fertile soil of this pristine corner of the earth. The leaves are taken from the tea bush before the tropical monsoon season begins, hence the name. The process of creating this highly prized tea combines traditional Japanese and Chinese techniques. The result is a perfect combination of smoothness and complexity guaranteed to please any green tea connoisseur.

Type: Green tea

Origin: Jeju Island, and Hadong, South Korea

Tasting notes: A green-yellow liquor, vegetal and reminiscent of high quality Japanese green teas, but lighter and smoother with notes of fruit and a grassy sweetness.

Temperature: 70-80 degrees

Brewing instructions: approx. 1-2 scoops or 2-3 grams for every 150ml of water for 1-2 minute infusion

Gong fu method; 2-3 scoops or 5 grams for every 150ml of water. First infusion 20-30 seconds and then 40-50 seconds for up to 5 infusions.

Pair with: shellfish, raw or cooked fish, vegetables and soft cheeses

Ingredients: Organic Korean green tea


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