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Casa De Cha - The Tea House

At Casa De Cha, we are drawn to teas that possess a unique profile, teas that carry in the folds and creases of their leaves, the feeling, and flavour of the terroir where they were carefully cultivated and harvested.

The complex flavours and aromas reveal the inspiring journey from seed-to-cup of each leaf. Stories of the artisans, tea masters, and tea pickers- who have toiled the land to provide us with this ancient beverage, as they have for centuries.

 When we started this project, we hoped to share our journey of discovery and do justice to the extraordinary and fascinating world of tea. We fell deeply in love with this beverage, its rituals, ever-changing fragrances, and complex flavour profiles - and we hope you do too!

This journey of knowledge and discovery is ongoing, so please, join us! Explore with us the plethora of flavours and complex aromas - provided by our carefully curated collection of teas and tisanes. Let us take you.. beyond tea….

The Specialty Collection
This collection contains the highest quality and rarest seasonal teas from around the world. Steeped in history and tradition, these limited-edition teas are only available for a very small window of time - many of which are grown solely in tiny regions, from single family-owned tea gardens that are centuries old.  Due to these circumstances, this collection will change depending on availability and season. The Specialty collection is for those who want to experience the best of the best teas available. A story in every cup.

Tea Bootcamp Part 1. Foundations

Friday October 18th we will holding our second Tea Bootcamp. This immersive educational experience is the perfect launch pad to begin your tea journey. Click for more information.