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Iron Goddess

Iron Goddess or Tie Guan Yin, is named after the Chinese Goddess of Mercy Guan-yin, this premium Chinese Oolong is as magnificent as the name implies. Renowned for its complex and balanced flavour which is buttery & vegetal yet fruity with a hint of orchids. This mesmerising Oolong becomes more complex with every steep. Undoubtedly the most celebrated Oolong of China and a personal favourite of ours, the perfect introduction to the world of premium Oolong tea.


Type: Oolong

Origin: China, Fujian

Tasting notes: A light yellow liquor with notes of buttered corn that slowly evolves into floral-orchid with vanilla and a pleasantly fruity aftertaste accompanied with nuttiness.

Temperature: 90-95 degrees

Brewing instructions: Western method; Approx. 1-2 scoops or 2-3 grams for every 150ml of water for a 5-minute infusion.

Gong fu method; 2-3 scoops or 5 grams for every 150ml of water. First infusion 15-20 seconds and then 30-35 seconds for up to 8 infusions.

Pair with: The sweet notes go perfectly with lemon biscuits creme caramel and chocolate. Its softness makes it ideal for spicy foods, smoked meats, blue-veined cheeses, salmon and lamb.

Ingredients: Chinese Oolong


Check out our Youtube Channel for tips on Gong Fu Brewing

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