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Tea & Mindfulness

In this workshop, we will prepare our teas using the Chinese tea ceremony known as Gong Fu Cha. We will match different styles of tea to life rhythms, and demonstrate how the daily ritual of taking tea, can create calmer, more focused minds. 
We will meditate, share stories and history about our teas including the Living Teas Of Guizhou. These Wild grown and almost inaccessible teas are made with such incredible skill that they never bitter no matter how they are brewed.

Tea is a medium for human connection, it’s a universal language that gives us the common ground needed to connect, relate and survive.

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The Specialty Collection
This collection contains the highest quality and rarest seasonal teas from around the world. Steeped in history and tradition, these limited-edition teas are only available for a very small window of time - many of which are grown solely in tiny regions, from single family-owned tea gardens that are centuries old.  Due to these circumstances, this collection will change depending on availability and season. The Specialty collection is for those who want to experience the best of the best teas available. A story in every cup.