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Moonlight White

A fascinating "White tea", hand picked from wild-ancient tea trees in Jinggu Yunnan. The name Moonlight is derived from the beautiful contrasting colours of the tea leaves, this is not found in any other white tea. Picked before sunrise and withered indoors for around 48 hours- never exposed to sunlight and mildy fermented, this unusual tea is categorised as being somewhere between a white tea and a puerh. The taste is rich and of honey with hints of ripe cantaloupe, malt, slight floral notes, and a subtle earthiness- reminiscent wild mushrooms. Moonlight White is an extraordinary tea that can be enjoyed now or aged for years to come.


Type: White tea/ Aged white tea/ Raw Puerh

Origin: Jinggu, Yunnan, China

Tasting notes:  A pale yellow liquor that is soft and velvety on the tongue. The taste is rich and of honey with hints of ripe cantaloupe, malt, slight floral notes, and a subtle earthiness- reminiscent wild mushrooms.

Temperature: 85-90 degrees

Brewing instructions: Western method: Approx. 1-2 scoops or 2-3 grams for every 150ml of water for 2-3 minute infusion

Gong fu method; 2-3 scoops or 5 grams for every 150ml of water. First infusion 15-25 seconds and then 30-60 seconds for up to 5 infusions.

Pair with: Mushrooms, rice, fresh summer fruits, soft cheese, roast vegetables


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