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Guizhou Spring Oolong

Product image 1Guizhou Spring Oolong
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Sourced directly from the primeval mountains of Guizhou, China from our tea mentor, Master Lin, a true maverick, who insists on making tea using ancient, traditional methods.

What differentiates this style of tea making from the modern methods, is the respect shown to the leaves, the 'Living Tea' process. 

 Harvested from the wild and ancient tea trees, that grow high in the mountains, the leaves are dried and fermented in the sun, turned gently by hand and later rolled and roasted over charcoal fire. This Oolong, over the past year ,has developed a perfectly balanced complexity exceeding all expectations. Definitely one to hold on to for years to come.

This is a rare small batch tea that will only be available for a short window of time and can be aged for years to come.

Type: Oolong tea

Cultivar: Guan Yin

Origin: Guizhou, China

Tasting notes: The wet leaf aroma is of orchid blossoms, sweet with wild berries and a buttery sweetness. The mouth feel is viscous and refreshing with an intense floral bouquet, a soft buttery sweetness, the finish is well rounded and lingers on your breath hours after you first sip.

Temperature: 90-100 degrees

Brewing instructions: Western method; Approx. 1-2 scoops or 3 grams for every 150ml of water for a 2-3 minute infusion.

Gong fu method; 2-3 scoops or 6 grams for every 150ml of water. First infusion 5 seconds- 10 seconds and then 20 + seconds for up to 12 infusions.

Pair with: rice, grilled fish, shellfish, flavoured soft cheeses (Brie and Camembert) spiced white meats and fruit, rice cakes.

Ingredients: Chinese Oolong tea

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