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Guizhou spring oolong

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Sourced directly from the primeval mountains of Guizhou, China from our tea mentor- Master Lin, a true maverick, who insists on making tea using ancient, traditional methods.

What differentiates this style of tea making from the modern methods, is the respect shown to the leaves from the moment they are plucked, the 'Living Tea' process. 

Harvested from the semi-wild, ancient tea trees, that grow high in the mountains. The leaves are dried and oxidised in the sun, turned gently by hand and later rolled and roasted over charcoal fire.  This oolong is what our Masters aged oolong would have resembled some 7 years ago. The roast is much lighter and so are the aromas and flavours. The complexity of this tea is really impressive, even more so is how it has developed over the past year. This shows that if stored correctly, this tea will mature very well. That is, if we don't drink it all!

This is a rare small batch tea that will only be available for a short window of time.

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