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Specialty Teas

Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Pearls otherwise known as Buddha's tears is one of our most famous high-grade green teas from Fuzhou, Fujian Province China. Each delicate leaf has been infused with jasmine flowers then individually hand-rolled into pearls which consist of one tender shoot and two leaves, which slowly and gracefully unfurl when infused with water, releasing the glorious floral tones of jasmine blossoms. The sensory experience offered by this tea is an absolute must.

Type: Green tea

Origin: China, Fuzhou, Fujian Province

Tasting notes: A dark matt yellow liquor with apple sweetness, vegetal flowery-Jasmine notes that linger beautifully in the mouth; soft and lightly astringent to the touch.

Temperature: 75-80 degrees

Brewing instructions: Western method; Approx. 1 scoop or 2-3 grams for every 150ml of water for a 2-3 minute infusion.

Gong fu method; 2 scoops or 5 grams for every 150ml of water. First infusion 20-30 seconds and then 40-50 seconds for up to 5 infusions.

Pair with: shellfish, spicy foods, white meats, mozzarella, vegetables, potatoes, carrot cake

Ingredients:  scented, Chinese Green tea

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